Rohit Rahi

Ph.D. in Economics, Stanford University (1993)                        



  1. Finance: arbitrage in segmented markets; financial innovation and security design; asset pricing with asymmetric information.

  2. General equilibrium theory: incomplete markets; asymmetric information.

  3. Networks.


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  1. Information Aggregation in a Competitive Economy (with Jean-Pierre Zigrand).

  2. Market Quality and Contagion in Fragmented Markets (with Jean-Pierre Zigrand).

  3. Arbitrage Networks (with Jean-Pierre Zigrand).

  4. Efficiency Properties of Rational Expectations Equilibria with Asymmetric Information (with Piero Gottardi).


  1. Financial Innovation in Arbitrage Networks (with Jean-Pierre Zigrand).

  2. Welfare Analysis of Arbitrage Networks (with Jean-Pierre Zigrand).


  1. Member of the Editorial Board, Review of Economic Studies (1996-2005).


Associate Professor

Department of Finance

London School of Economics

Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE, UK

Phone:  +44-(0)20-7955-7313